RJ45 cable management

I need a solution for cable management for 48 port blades in 6500s.

RJ21 is what I would like to do but they don't seem to have an RJ21 blade that does Gigabit Ethernet (copper), they do have them in 48 port RJ45 though.

So, I need a successful method for cable management of RJ45 ports (48) so that if I need to replace a blade for any reason I can easily remove all 48 ethernet connections and connect them back up correctly.

A couple of weeks ago I needed to replace a Sup720 and the RJ45 cables were all over the place and in the way (I didn't do it). It took me 15 minutes to get things so that I could pull the blade out and then another 10 to get it back in. PAINFUL!

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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I've seen this done a couple of ways. And it depends on how much time and money you can throw at it. Here are a couple of suggestions.

  1. Proper labeling and good wiring practices help keep things clean. This means not allowing anyone to run a cable accross the rack because they didn't have the right length cable, same goes for a standard labeling solution. This can be difficult maintain, having control over the facility and who works there is key.

  1. I've seen sites were they have created a "loom" of RJ45 cables. All the ports on a card would be pre-terminated, the cables would be tied together with straps, velcro or (if you're old school) wax string. This loom would then terminate into a patch panel (which you can locate it anywhere you want).

Having proper racks also helps. All the cables have to have somewhere to go a 23" rack with cable management really helps.

Best of luck.

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