How to force clients to renegotiate DHCP?

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does the command "clear ip dhcp bindings *" force the clients to renegotiate the IP address? Or will the client do that only at the dateline fixed by the previuos negotiation?


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Depends on the client. On windows: ipconfig /renew On SUN: ifconfig dhcp extend

on others: see the manual pages


Your command will clear the binding on the dhcp-server only, there's no mechanism to inform the clients about that fact

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Mathias Gaertner


No and Yes.

Clients cannot be forced to renegotiate their IP address. If you need to have your clients renegotiate their IP address, lower the lease-duration in advance and then change your DHCP setup. Wait for all hosts to have leases with this new lease-duration before you change the DHCP setup. Only do this if you have a small enough network for the router to cope with the additional DHCP traffic when the lease is shortened. Use a lease-duration of 30 minutes to have hosts acknowledge the change within 30 minutes after the DHCP setup change. When the change has been executed, raise the lease-duration again to acceptable levels.

So this requires planning!


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