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I was reading some posts on management VLAN and found the following dated 11/25/2002 from CCIE8122:

You set the management VLAN (the VLAN through which you manage the router) by assigning the ip address to that VLAN. There is nothing really more than that to do.

You do need to make sure that no other VLAN has an IP address configured, and it is generally a good idea to delete all other VLAN interfaces (except int VLAN 1, which you cant delete).

I also make sure that VLAN 1 is shutdown.

This is confusing to me because I thought that when I want to route between several VLANs, each one needs its own IP address making it a SVI. Can someone clarify the issue of multiple VLANs with IP addresses and which one is the management interface?

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Bob Simon
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The article you are reading is 6 years old, and back then Layer 3 switching was fairly so the article is talking about a switch that is being used purely as as switch not a router. Any interface you configure with an IP address can be used to "manage" the device. For syslog, SNMP, TACACs, etc. can can specify which interface is used as the source of those packets by using a "source interface" command. When configuring a switch that is only doing layer 2, the document you reference is still valid.

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