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I've been searching for cable management strategies for server racks, and can't seem to find any specific guidelines. I presently have a four-post server rack with several servers, a 48-port switch, and a 48 port patch panel.

Each of my rack mounted devices has a ~10ft patch cable running between itself and the switch. This requires the patch cable to run from the rear of the rack to the front. My question is, could I terminate the network cables coming from the servers onto the patch panel, then run a patch cable from the patch panel to the switch? I believe this will allow me to better organize the cables, and not have them running around the side of the rack.

Are there any problems with doing this? I haven't been able to find any information on how cables are typically routed between servers and switches/hubs in a single rack.

I would appreciate any advice.



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There are a couple of problems. Lets to a cost/benefit analysis.

Cost Benefit

Buying a patch panel. Neatens up the rack. Buying the cable. Another thing taking up space in the rack. Labor to install. Additional point of failure.

The answer is obvious to me.


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