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It's been a while since I've done any router config's so if my question is stupid, I apologize, but I do need some advice. I am configuring a Cat 3550 for L3 routing. I have created my VLAN's and want to use RIP since the other L3 switch I'm connecting to will only do RIP or OSPF. I have 3 Cat

3550's and 1 ProCurve 3400 that will be managing my WAN. I have a 2651XM that connects my HP 3400 from the WAN to my single gateway to the web. I know RIP v2 won't propogate default routes (ie; so how can i configure my routers to recognize the single exit point from my WAN to the web?? Thanks in advance!!


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Joey Kinney
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use OSPF to propagate the default route. SDF Public Access UNIX System -

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Joe Beasley

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Originating and propagating a default route works well here:

router rip version 2 timers basic 3 10 0 10 passive-interface default network x.0.0.0 neighbor x.y.w.z neighbor z.y.v.w default-information originate no auto-summary

the key here is the "default-information originate".

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Marco Matarazzo

There are a number of ways to have RIP advertise a default route.


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RIP advertises a route to if a gateway of last resort is selected using the ip default-network command. This network specified in the ip default-network command need not be explicitly advertised under RIP

In earlier versions of RIP, the default route created using the ip route was automatically advertised by RIP routers. In Cisco IOS Software Release 12.0T and later, RIP does not advertise the default route if the route is not learned via RIP. It may be necessary to redistribute the route into RIP.


router rip redistribute static network

ip route Null0

*Mar 1 00:06:31.681: RIP: build update entries *Mar 1 00:06:31.681: subnet metric 1 *Mar 1 00:06:59.547: RIP: sending v1 update to via FastEthernet1/0 (


router rip network

ip default-network

MERV1#debug ip rip RIP protocol debugging is on MERV1#

*Mar 1 00:15:45.717: RIP: sending v1 update to via FastEthernet 1/0 ( *Mar 1 00:15:45.717: RIP: build update entries *Mar 1 00:15:45.717: subnet metric 1


router rip network default-information originate

*Mar 1 00:18:06.220: RIP: sending v1 update to via FastEthernet 1/0 ( *Mar 1 00:18:06.220: RIP: build update entries *Mar 1 00:18:06.220: subnet metric 1
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