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Hello boys & girls.

I've just started working on a "new" option 81c. I'm looking at our inbound calls and noticed that not RTE information is being passed on to the switch from our carrier, basically we only get a DNIS #.

My question is, When the PBX receives a call without route information which route does it select to process the call?



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I think you mean the call displays no Caller ID. The "route" is like the parent of the "trunks". Short of logging into LD21 and PRT, TYPE RDB, the display you see will suffice. If you see this " 8904-12" The chances are the the Route number is "4" and the Trunk member number is

  1. Unless the Route is a "PRI" (smart trunks, caller ID, ISDN. etc) you will not get caller ID.

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It's already coming in on a route, so you don't need anymore info unless it is a DID and then they send the DID number.

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