Removing line from PIX config

I have a line in the configuration of my PIX 506e that is no longer needed.

I know for my ACLs, if I want to remove a line, I just copy the line and put a 'no' in front of it.

Would I do the same for the other configuration lines?

For example, I want to remove:

vpngroup Remote_Users22 wins-server

Do I just log on to the PIX, go into config t mode and type:

no vpngroup Remote_Users22 wins-server



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There are a few instances in which you'll have to do a chain of removals. For example, you might have a vpngroup that is no longer in use, but because it has a reference to an ip pool, the pix might not allow you to remove the ip pool without removing the vpngroup first.

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Walter Roberson

In article , top-posted:

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Re-arranging the technical discussion for readability:

You are incorrect. Individual lines of an access list can be deleted by re-entering them with a "no " prefix. That has been the case on every PIX OS version that has supported access-list at all (i.e., starting with PIX 5.0).

What you cannot do before PIX 6.3 is to -add- a line into the middle of an access-list; PIX 6.3 has a more advanced ACL editor that makes it possible.

It is true that if you accidently enter "no access-list NAME" with nothing further, that the entire access-list will be removed, but that doesn't preclude removing individual lines of an ACL via the "no " convention.

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Walter Roberson

Yup, do a wr mem after to save the config.

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Brian V

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Thanks to everyone who replied! I appreciate it!

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