Catalyst 6509 Recursive Routing

  1. I have a plan to use Recursive Routing.

  1. My Network exist Local and remote, Inter area is ISP

  2. How to do recursive routing at catalyst 6509(native, Sup2)

  1. I did not find IOS and that is true apadtaion to recursve routing CAT6.


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Not sure I understand your whole effort here...but when you speak of recursive routing, it generally means:

For any nondirectly-connected route in the routing table whose next hop IP address is not a directly-connected interface of the router, the routing algorithm looks recursively into the routing table until it finds a directly-connected interface to which it can forward the packets.

so i use recursive routing in the example of I have an advertised route from a provider of which I do not understand (default) the next hop (outbound interface). I then put a static route for the recursive lookup to point (how to) get to the next hop.

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Hope this was helpful..

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