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Does anyone know how to do a config default on a cisco catalyst 2950 switch. I can't find it anywhere in the manual? Also when you run the setup from the CLI is there any temp loss of connectivity? (So long as you don't screw anything up obviously.) I am planning on configuring these swicthes on a live environment. They were just taken out of the box and put into production. Thanks.

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By "config default" do you mean restoring the factory default configuration? If so, see "Resetting Catalyst Switches to Factory Defaults"

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Telnetting or consoling into the box to configure it should not cause hosts plugged into the switch to lose connectivity. However, it is possible that if you make configuration changes while the switches are in a live production environment, there might be a temporary loss of connectivity especially if you change port configuration of ports hosts are attached to and communicating through, or if you make changes to Spanning-Tree Protocol, it might cause reconvergence which will take some time and cause loss of connectivity momentarily for the hosts.

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