Re: 1600 router as DHCP server

I believe IOS started suppoting this feature with 12.0 thus an IOS

> upgrade will be required. >


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and look for images that support the dhcp server feature.



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Feature Navigator says:- DHCP server is in 12.1(5)

IP c1600-y-l.12.1-5 4Ram 8Flash

You MAY be able to boot from a BOOTP server if you don't have the flash.

Maybe the feature navigator does not understand 12.0?

12.0(8) release notes say:

Easy IP Phase 2-DHCP Server is in all feature sets in the "IBM Support " section. Who knows what that is though.

Good luck.

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tnx - just looked - and it appears that I would need 12.3 for the DHCP server function and then of course 6meg and a 12meg flash card for the non-R 1601 c1600-y-l.12.3-12a (6/12)

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