question of vlan cisco

hi pleas help me my switch 2950 dose not work good

in show vlan i see on defult vlan (vlan 1) int gig 0/1 in this vlan ports therefor i think it send broadcast too all port and terafik is very bad i want too do " no switchport mode access" until int gig 0/1 dose not work in vlan 1

it work in trunk mode pleas help me

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hadi skrev:

dont use the default vlan1. Always change it to something else...

Best Regards Martin

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why? security policy?

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There is no reason you can't use VLAN 1, but Cisco suggests avoiding it. I do not think this is your problem, but I can't understand what you are asking or what your problem is, so I can't know for sure. Here is a link to the vlan 1 stuff from

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If you are not running Vlan's leaving it default is ok. If you want to vlan your traffic it is best to use a completely different vlan. All interfaces on the switch are configured as vlan1 by default. Maky your life alot simpler and set up a new vlan as the other user suggested and apply that vlan to the interfaces you want segmented.

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