Question about 3750 Stack and IP address Assignment

Hi Group,

for a customer I should configure an 3750 Stack (2 switches) First I would like to upgrade to the actual IOS image. For my understand when I update can I do this switch by switch independent if these are stacked ? So I connect to the first switch via console and make my update then I connect via console to the second one and make the aloso the update The problem what I think is the switch act as an single switch when I connect to them. So I don't know if there a problem while downloading the SW image

Next One In the actual config there are three ip addresses assigned to VLAN 1 One primary and two secondary. I think its possible to assign a 4th secondary to the VLAN 1 interface ?!

greetz Dennis

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Hi Dennis,

You may wish to investigate Cisco's Catalyst 3750 Software Upgrade in a Stack Configuration with Use of the Command-Line Interface:

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Brad Reese

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Hi Brad,

thanks that is a cool document...this is what I'm looking for...

Greetz Dennis

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