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I have to branch offices are going to implement VOIP and they connected to a unmanged MPLS network. Assume each office has a 10M bandwidth, they use Cisco 2821 as edge router, they have a data (vlan2) & voice (vlan 5) network running on same lan. They like to enable QOS on the edge router, which limit 6M for data and 4M for voice. Can any one give me some hints how to implement this ?

I assume it needs to create a sub interface for each vlan and under each sub-interface, define the policy. is it correct ? A sample config will be helpful.


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The AutoQoS - VoIP feature allows you to automate the delivery of quality of service (QoS) on your network and provides a means for simplifying the implementation and provisioning of QoS for Voice over IP (VoIP) traffic.

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AutoQoS for the Enterprise feature automates the deployment of quality of service (QoS) policies in a general business environment, particularly for midsize companies and branch offices of larger companies.

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Please note that AutoQoS generated configurations are modifiable to suit your specific needs.

Hope this helps.

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