problem with wireless on a Cisco 877W

I have a few Cisco 877W routers running IOS 12.4(22)T

Users on this release are reporting constant Wireless LAN failures. The routers will run for a few days and then all wireless devices fail to communicate.

If an XP PC for instance is rebooted that connects via wireless then it will fail to get an IP address.

Rebooting the router fixes the issue for a few days.

This is happening on several 877W's we have.

Has anyone else seen this problem?


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Clive Carmock
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it is a known bug. downgrade or upgrade to the latest .24T (but don't know if it has fixed this bug)

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Do you know a bug reference for it by any chance? If possible I'd like to upgrade as opposed to downgrade, but only if 24T fixes it.

Regards CLive

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Clive Carmock

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Don't know if it is a known-by-cisco bug,but I'm sure that is known by many users. You can always look at where there is a detailed bug list and bug-fixed list for every build.

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