Problem with Vlan in Printserver

Hi there

I have a problem using printservers between 2 Vlans.

My default Vlan is Vlan 100. When I have à desktop and the printserver in the same Vlan, everthing is ok. When I move the printserver or the desktop the an other Vlan , I still can ping him, but printing doesn't work. Pinging with his network name and ip address works.

When I use \\ oy \\MyPrintServer in the Windows Explorer i'll get an erreur. I'm not shure if there is a probleme with the SMB Protocole.

Thanks in advance for any hint. I reallt don't know where to debug now.

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Tra Sumaka
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Hi Tra,

The SMB Protocol is a Netbios only protocol, you need to use Netbios over TCP/IP to reach the other segment.

It sounds to me like you do not have NB over TCP/IP set up on the Clients only on the Server. PING only tests the IP Component, nothing to do with NB over IP.

I hope this

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