trunking with vlan in netgear

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i am newbie in network field

I have a netgear portsafe 16 port smart switch model(GS716T)

now i want to implement vlan so can anybody tell me how to do Trunking with vlan in netgear switch i searched a lot on goggle but didn.t found any solution for the same so please suggest me

Thanks. Regards, Amit Patel Student LD College

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amit patel
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Suggest you look on and in their forums. Netgear refer to it as VLAN tagging rather than trunking and the procedure to set up

802.1Q trunks and tag ports is a bit messy compared with the Cisco method.
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Nick B.

Once you turn on taging a VLAN on the Netgear, it'll be a "trunk" port in Cisco speak. The mixed tagged/untag model doesn't work well to grow/interopt with cisco, usually all vlans are tagged.

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