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when configuring a logical port channel on a switch, am I correct when say I just need to add the configuration to the port channel?

so for example g1/1 and g1/2 are attached to p1.

i can then do

int p1 switchport trunk allowed vlan add 123

to add that vlan to all physical interfaces on port chan 1?


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Correct, the only thing to keep in mind is to put the channel-group 1 mode on on gi 1/1 and gi1/2 to create the portchannel. I have found that if you don't it sometimes gets flaky with pushing the configuration to the interfaces.

Sometimes if it doesn't push the cofiguration to the physical interfaces a shut no shut on the portchannel pushes it down.

So initially...

int gi 1/1 channel-group 1 mode on

int gi 1/2 channel-group 1 mode on

int po1 switchport trunk allowed vlan add 123

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