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I have a line in my PIX 506e configuration that reads:

name LSSphiliTunnel refers to our INTERNAL IP range. LSIphiliTunnel refers to an office that is no longer needed. I was not the person who originally programmed the PIX so I am not sure why they choose to name our internal IP range using the name of a branch office.

But anyway, I wanted to change the name to better reflect it's description....like:

name LSS_Internal_IP_Range

Now since I renamed the host associated with that IP range, I just need to go through the config and change all references of LSSphiliTunnel to LSS_Internal_IP_Range?

That sounds too easy so I think I am missing something...

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If you are working with the text configuration (e.g., a master configuration file that you will then upload to the PIX) then Yes, just a global search and replace in the configuration file and then upload.

If you are working live on the PIX itself, then all you need to do is

no name LSSphiliTunnel name LSS_Internal_IP_Range

and that's it, with nothing more. Every reference to LSSphiliTunnel you see when you view the configuration file is there because it is actually storing the number internally and looking up the number into the name for display purposes, so just by changing the number to name association, the new name will show up when you view the configuration.

More difficult is to change the address associated with a particular name: in that case, the fact that it is really the numbers stored internally works against you.

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Walter Roberson

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