PIX firewall, router and IAS RADIUS NAS-PORT

Hi everybody, i'm using a IAS W3K to authenticate VPN CLient user to PIX and Cisco

837 router. Now I also want to use RADIUS for management Telnet and I want to configure a RAP on IAS wich could be used for this purpouse. The problem is that in my W3K IAS there are no difference between telnet user and VPN user: Both have: the same (looking at the IAS logging) NAS-PORT-TYPE=Virtual Authentication=PAP and if I look at the NAS-PORT i can notice that every time it's a random number between 1 and 5 both fot telnet user and for vpn user. Actually I have no possibility to differentiate user as the seem to have all the same attribute. Especially I wonder why my PIX 501 (6.3) and my Cisco 837 use a random NAS-PORT-TyPE (1 to 5 ) and don't use the classic 500 for VPN and 68 for telnet.

Can anyone help me? Thaks Scialator

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