PIX 515E Spontaneously reboots

I've recently acquired a 515E with PIX software version 7.0(1). I've noticed after an indeterminate amount of time (5 minutes to hours), the PIX will reboot itself. When this happens, it usually takes a few tries for it to successfully reboot, but it does eventually. I've tried going back to the factory-default configuration (config factory-default) but it still exhibits the same behavior. Any ideas? Or is this just a defective unit that I need to get replaced?


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James Lamanna
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Have you tried to turn it on with nothing connected to see if it still reboots? I had some PIX 520s that rebooted do to virus activity before from the internal network. A software upgrade resolved that issue.

Regards, Steve

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It does this without anything connected to any of the interfaces.

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One other thing I've noticed is that sometimes it waits at:

CISCO SYSTEMS PIX FIREWALL Embedded BIOS Version 4.3.207 01/02/02 16:12:22.73 Compiled by morlee

for a long time (~1 minute), displays the message again, waits a bit, and then manages to boot.

Could this be flakey RAM possibly?

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