PIX 515e w/ 7.0(4) from 6.3 - No more PPTP?

I've Upgraded my PIX 515e from 6.3 to 7.0(4) and All of the Config looks good but the PPTP.

I do not see much documentation on PPTP and PIX Release 7.

I see a debug PPTP, but nothing shows up when I try to connect.

I still have the old 515 w/ 6.3 and the Client works with PPTP, so I know the Client is good.

Come to think of it, All of the VPDN commands are gone, where are all my usernames, etc.

So is PPTP no longer supported?



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Scott Townsend
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isco docs indicate that PIX 7.0 does not yet support the termination of PPTP

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Guess I should have read that part before I did the Upgrade. )-;

We only use it in two cases, some Hotels do not allow IPSec and the Cisco VPN client is not compatible with WinXP 64 Bit.

Or at least the version we have, 4.6 something.

Thanks, Scott

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Scott Townsend

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