PIX 515 Interface issues

I used to have my desktop PC plugged directly into my DSL modem but now I have the PC and the modem plugged into the pix and now quite often my NIC will stop sending and receiving data completly, I check the status on the pix interface and its up/down. Windows reports as connected. If I disable the NIC then try and re-enable it crashes.

When the interface fereezes up, if I plug the PC directly into the modem it still won;t work. although this points to the NIC on the PC being at fault it never happened before the pix was int he picture.

has anyone seen this before? when it works, it works perfect, no error counters or anything, I have tried various speed and duplex settings but once interface has frozen the only thing to bring it back up is a cold boot of the pc and pix.

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Could be the PC NIC gine bad or power save mode - Disable the power mgm on the Nic

Might be that the ARP table doesnt get opdated. This happend normally when swapping devices with same IP, but diff MAC. You need to wait or reboot ... or clear ARP which you cant i this senario.

I once saw PIX515 with certain serialnumbers totally stopped forwarding packets, and was unrespondsive on the console aswell. This doesnt sound like your problem as you can verify your settings on the interface. But i those days you could only RMA/replace the faulty units.

HTH Regards Martin

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Martin Bilgrav

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