Pix 515 checksum error after update

I have a serious problem with Pix 515 UR. I have upgraded the system to

6.3.5 and the Pix didn't boot after reload. The monitor shows the following error:

imgsum_config: sumval(0xe5be) md5(0x95937073 0x75b817db 0x54d7811a

0xba7d0214) imgsum_verify: chksum(0x 0) md5(0x09e1b9df 0xc9f06c06 0x12e9f5df 0xdf89f7cb) Panic: kernel - The checksum verification for this image failed.

I can't upload any image newer than 6.0.1. 5.2.3 and 6.0.1 work OK until restart. After reloading the unit I get the same checksum error. What's strange is than chksum is always shown as (0x 0). I've had erased the flashfs with erasedisk622.bin and it didn't help.

Any help will be very appreciated. Regards Jan snipped-for-privacy@grupaiis.pl

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Jan Slusarczyk
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