Pix 501 reboots itself

Hi, have a pix 501 ios ver 6.3 that recently just started rebooting itself

3-4 times a day no specific intervals. changed to dif power outlet about half hour ago.. so monitoring for the mo. if that doesn't work could it be a bug? it's been running well for 4 months until 2 days ago.

also.. how/where would i upload a pix 'ios' from cisco - i have a CCO account.

thanks in adv.

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I think you're on the right track looking at the power source, you're just focusing on the wrong end of the power chain. The PIX

501 designer should be drawn and quartered for the fragility of the power connection on the PIX 501 itself. It seems that if you so much as look at the box cross-eyed, you can cycle power and force a reboot. Any source of vibration could be doing you in (truck driving by outside, heavy footsteps, etc).
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Vincent C Jones

Check to see if the power connectors are loose.

You may wish to investigate Cisco Downloads:

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Brad Reese BradReese.Com=AE Cisco Resource Center Toll Free: 877-549-2680 International: 828-277-7272=20 Website:

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It is indeed the sort of situation that calls to mind the phrase "Hanging's too good for him!".

In our experience spontaneous reboots can happen on the 501 if the connector is loose by as little as 1/2 millimeter.

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Walter Roberson


Cisco will actually RMA the power supply for you if its part number is

34-1776-01 or 341-0008-01. I had many of them that got replaced free of charge. I had to go to my local Cisco rep (not reseller) to get it, but it was free and solved the problem.


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