I have recently started to (attempted to) use a PIX 501 firewall on our network, the consequence being the MS VPN connection does not seem to be working properly.

Being complete novices when it comes to PIX I need some advice on how to configure the PIX to pass the VPN traffic to a RAS server.

The network set-up is:

INTERNET Netgear DG814 PIX ------(Intranet)

By intranet, I mean there are three servers connected to the PIX firewall. (Internet Server, Mail Server and the RAS Server).

Basically, (I think!) I need to know how to route all PPTP traffic to the RAS server.

If I have it totally wrong, please feel free to ridicule... Also if you are so kind as to reply, please pitch the answers as if you are explaining to the local village idiot, so I can understand

Thanks in advance


PIX version is : 6.3(5)

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You need noto route but to do a static NAT from a public IP address to internal servers. I don't know how many IP addresses you have. If this so you can do a 1:1 static NAT, otherwise you can "forward" only specific ports. I don't have any link in this moment, but just search for "static NAt cisco PIX".

See you here back again

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