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Inherited a network that has zero documentation associated with it. We just replaced our T1 internet connection carrier and they brought in their own router so now I have Cisco 1605R unused. I would like to access the router see what the settings were on this router then I would like to reset the router to the factory defaults.

My issue is how to gain access to this information. I see the console port on the back to which a cable with a rolled pinout is to be attached for access. I know to use hyperterminal to access the unit bu tI do not know what the IP address is of the unit. I tried placing it back on the network and doing a scan of the network to see what IP available IP addresses were found or not found but that was fruitless.

What are the options that I have in this regard?

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WARNING: You may not want to put that back on the network as it's IP address may conflict with the new router that was brought in.

Do the password recovery procedure that Dana links to. At that point you should be able to see the configuration settings of the old router and clear its configuration.


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