New WAN: 3 Sites, MPLS Cisco 1841's

Hi, new here, hoping to solicite some opinions:

We have decided to move from an VPN based WAN over the Internet, to an MPLS solution from Verizon. Driving factors? Performance (high bandwidth apps, VOIP etc.) Reliability (no upstream provider who doesnt care about us).

Here is the quetion: The network is comprised of three sites, a datacenter and two remote offices. Each site will be equiped with a Cisco 1841. All internet traffic will flow through the datacenter. Should we use BGP or static routing?

The network will likely grow to additional sites, but not more than one / year or two at most.

Again, should we use BGP or static routing?

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Erik Naslund
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If all traffic flows through the datacenter, and its not going to be fully meshed, then I don't see any reason to consider any dynamic routing protocol. The remote sites all default route up to the datacenter?

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Doug McIntyre

Does your MPLS provider allow other protocols than BGP? Mine allows OSPF as well. They convert it to BGP in the cloud, but that's transparent to me. OSPF might be easier to handle, and everything can stay Area 0 with such a small network. At least this gives you a full mesh in case the spokes need to talk to each other.

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