simple OSPF question

Hi folks,

I'm studying for my CCNA, I'm trying to have a look at all the "sh ip ospf xxxx" commands. I've setup a really basic OSPF config using the following commands on multiple routers, different network addresses obviously...

router ospf 1 network area 0 network area 0

I get back the expected when I type in the following commands...

sh ip ospf neighbor sh ip ospf int e0/0 sh ip ospf database sh ip route

but when I type in the following...

sh ip ospf request-list sh ip ospf retransmission-list sh ip ospf virtual-links sh ip ospf summary-address

I get nothing back. I'm using Boson's simulator and I don't know if it's the simulator or if if this is expected due to my basic configuration.

any help will be appreciatted, if it's Boson then I'll raise this with them.

thanks Dave

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Dave wrote in

Probably Boson from my limited experience. There are some thing Boson can't do, for example, you can't set up OSPF authentication (or my version of beta wasn't capable of doing it at that time).

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