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I'm having a problem with a Cisco 1841. I have 2 ATM interfaces, ATM 0/0/0 is the primary interface. ATM 0/1/0 is the backup interface. Right now ATM 0/1/0 is idle. When ATM 0/0/0 goes down, ATM 0/1/0 is brought up. So far so good.

The problem is have, is that the Dialer0 Interface (attached to ATM

0/0/0) doesn't go down when ATM 0/0/0 goes down. Therefor, when ATM0 0/1/0 is brought up, it will keep sending traffic through Dialer0, but the ATM interface of that dialer is down. When i enter a static route 'ip route dialer1', it will do '60/40'.

Does anyone have solution to my problems?



Jan Kost

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Hmm, I just posted about my experiences with ADSL on cisco.

I've tried to do this years ago, and after much head-banging, and some TAC work, figured that Cisco never implemented any dial-on-demand functions into anything dealing with ADSL. Not sure if they just copied the stuff from like the BRI and didn't implement any of the dial-on-demand functions or whatnot.

Cisco (and every other vendor I've seen dealing with ADSL, even on enterprise gear like this) treat ADSL links as a virtual leased-line, always on.

You'll probably have to setup router-tracking objects to do what you want.

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