Netflow on Cisco 827

I have just enabled netflow on all interfaces of my Cisco 827 (running IOS 12.3-13a). For Ethernet 0, everything is fine - I am getting netflow packets for both directions of traffic. But for Dialer 0, I expected to get packets for both directions of its Virtual-Access 2 interface, which is where all the external traffic is reported in "show int" commands. I do get the inbound traffic reported from Virtual-Access 2, but all the outbound traffic is reported as being Dialer 0. Any ideas as to how I get the inbound and outbound traffic reported from the same interface (either Dialer 0 or Virtual-Access


Here are the relevant bits of my config:

ip flow-cache timeout active 1

interface Ethernet0 bandwidth 102400 ip address ip access-group 108 in no ip unreachables ip nat inside ip route-cache flow no ip mroute-cache no cdp enable hold-queue 100 out

interface Dialer0 bandwidth 2048 ip address negotiated previous ip access-group 102 in ip access-group 104 out no ip unreachables no ip proxy-arp ip accounting output-packets ip nat outside encapsulation ppp ip route-cache flow ip tcp header-compression no ip mroute-cache dialer pool 1 dialer-group 1 keepalive 10 20 custom-queue-list 1 no cdp enable ppp pap sent-username password 7 ip flow-export source Ethernet0 ip flow-export version 9 ip flow-export destination 9996

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