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Hi everyone! I heve a cisco router related question. We have two 2611 peremeter routers and two T1 connections. Right now one is primary and the other one is just backup. We want to be able to utilize both connections. Which is the best way to do. Is it possible to use just one 2611 router and configured it using both T1s? I'll apreciate any help. Thanks,

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With 2 WIC cards yes you would use Multilink:

interface Multilink1 ip address x.x.x.x ***Wan IP*** no cdp enable ppp multilink ppp multilink fragment disable ppp multilink group 1 ! interface FastEthernet0/0 ip address x.x.x.x ***LAN IP*** duplex auto speed auto no cdp enable no mop enabled ! interface Serial0/0 description T1 to USLEC S0/0 no ip address encapsulation ppp no ip mroute-cache no fair-queue no cdp enable ppp multilink ppp multilink group 1 ! interface Serial0/1 description T1 to USLEC S0/1 no ip address encapsulation ppp no ip mroute-cache no fair-queue no cdp enable ppp multilink ppp multilink group 1

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Thanks, for the fast replay.

Yes I do have two WIC cards. Right now we have just one Frame Relay T1 connection. To mount the second WIC do I gotter simply power off and put it in. Is it possible this to screw up the current configuration?

How is this working with Frame Relay? Can I use CEF because as I found MLPPP needs more processer power?


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Yes, just power down and swap in the card. Power on, and the existing config won't even mention the new card until you configure something.

Only slightly more CPU, but MLPPP requires PPP underlying encapsulation. (You didn't mention your encapsulation in the first post, so they probably assumed). The CPU usage isn't too much an issue on a 2611 with only two T1s.

First off, do you control both sides of this link?

The best method is going to involve the other side to match what you do.

You could use Multi-Link FR, but upgrading the 2611 to support MLFR might be too painful to bother with.

You can also do CEF per-packet load balancing, but unless the other side matches, your inbound is only going to be utilizing one T1.

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Doug McIntyre

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Cisco does provide MLPPPoFR (Multilink PPP over frame relay). Should have same size access and PVC's. Bundle at the PVC using sub interfaces. Also virtual templates. Cisco web site has many examples. We do this with all our sites that are still frame relay. Make sure CEF is running globally on the router. Multilink PPP has CPU overhead due to fragmentation reassembly but may not be that bad. I have had two full T1's on a 2610 router at one time doing OK, but nat much other stuff with no ACL processing. So If is an XM series router may do OK but not sure about using MLPPPoFR on non XM router. Most routers today have enough horsepower, mostly depends on how much other processing have going on like ACL's, etc. MLPPPoFR was introduced sometime in the 12.x code but do not remember what version.

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