Need simple ASA 5505 NAT help

Before setting up an ASA 5505 I put the latest OS 8.4.2 on it, and the NAT commands are not transparent to me. That's an understatement. What I would like to do in the very beginning is just get it to ROUTE, between a subnet on the inside and a static outside address. I'm doing something wrong, and when I go through a setup routine in an ASA- for-Dummies-type book, when it gets to NAT commands, I get

ciscoasa(config-if)# nat (inside) 1 ERROR: This syntax of nat command has been deprecated. Please refer to "help nat" command for more details.

And "help NAT" returns screenfuls of what is to me very cryptic and dense information.

Sorry guys, I did try to RTFM and I'm stuck.


Bob W

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Bob Wilson
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PS. I just punched in that command so I could show you exactly what it was, and didn't pay attention to where I was working from. It gets the same error message from ciscoasa (config) #

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