Multiple VPN connections behind Linksys to PIX?

Hi all,

Somehow I can't have more than 1 IPSec VPN session to a PIX515. The wireless LAN is behind a Linksys WRTG54.

I've tested with VPN3005 & no problem encountered during multiple simultaenous VPN connections. Any suggestions?


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Linksys supports only one VPN connection to one destination. But it will support multiple destinations. In my previous company, we had multiple VPN destinations and linksys couild mak one connection to each destinations.


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That's what I believe. But somehow with the same Linksys, same 2 notebooks, I was able to simultaneously connect to our office VPN 3005 Concentrator. We did a continuous ping & none of the notebook showed "result timed out". Further, a vendor helped us to connect the 2 notebooks to his office VPN & again, they can simultaneously connect. At this point, I was thinking that something further must be done on the PIX. Worst case, I'll acquire WRVG54 to setup site-to-site VPN to the PIX, but for sure my boss won't be happy.


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