PIX515 v.6.2(2) accepts IPSec NAT?


My boss has 2 networks at his home & both are connected to Internet (different ISPs)

1 network is a wired LAN going thru ADSL line to Internet (to serve his mail server) & another is a wireless LAN connected by Linksys wireless router to Internet. AFAIK, the wireless is for guest to access the Internet.

We setup IPSec VPN on PIX515 (connected to ADSL line) to let him access his emails when he's not at home and has been working fine for the past 2 years.

Nowadays, he prefers to use wireless LAN to connect to his mail server from his notebook. (Usually he plugs his notebook to one of the RJ45 sockets in his house).

Problem appears when both he and his wife try to VPN simultaneously; only 1 is able to connect.

Linksys did mention that their wireless router only support 1 IPSec tunnel. However, I managed to connect his & his wife notebooks to my office VPN 3000 Concentrator. Further, a vendor also showed us that both notebooks can connect simultaneously to a Netscreen firewall (which he setup at his office for us).

My conclusion so far problem lies in the PIX. (PIX version is 6.2.(2) - I know it's old) Any pointer/suggestion?



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Try upgrading to 6.3(5) and enable IPSEC NAT traqnsparency.


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