Multicast PIM on Router Loopback with no IP address

I want to enable PIM on device. So what i do is enable PIM on anew Loopback interface like this "ip pim sparse-mode" Does this loopback necessacrily need to have IP address? I dont even want to make it unnumbered.

Will it work? What is the significance of loopback without IP ?

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[FX] Tarandeep singh
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You need to enable PIM on each IP interface that you want to paqrticipate in multicast routing. Enabling PIM on a loopback has no meaning (that I can think of at present anyway). Multicast packets are received on, and get transmitted from, PM enabled interfaces.

If your router is bridging only then PIM has no meaning.

If you add more detail of the network topology then perhaps someone can point you in the correct direction.

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If the router is acting as the RP you would enable PIM on the loopback address you were using as the RP IP address.

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You do? I may have a closer look later but I can't recall doing that. Of course it would be better if I could recall more:)

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