Hey guys, I'm having trouble with a Cisco 3810 VoIP that is dependant on the default ISDN 'max-redirects' set at one. I've seen the command 'max-redirects' in a few configuration examples in the dial-peer section however my 3810 doesn't have that option. I've looked _everywhere_ and there's nowhere I can find to set the ISDN redirection flag to something higher then 1 (ps I've tried with IOS12.3(9D) AND IOS12.3(6a)). If anybody could help me out that would be *wonderful*. My outbound calls are getting squashed because they have to go through a PBX before they get to the PSTN so I _must_ set the redirection higher. I can also see the max-redirects is at one though the 'show dialpeer ....'

Thanks Adam

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