Max Flash/Ram and highest IOS for 2500 series router

is there any like that I can find out the maximum flash and ram supported by

various 2500 series routers please? Also I need to find out the hightest IOS that is supported.

Thank you in advance.


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Fairly straightforward, they are all the same size. General rule of thumb is 16M/16M, although there are a few rare 18M/16M varients. You can find it out in the datasheets on cisco, although you probably can't find a datasheet for a 25xx any longer, having them EOM since before 2000 does that sort of thing.

Going to memory sites like gets you there 99% of the time with excellent info and graphics of where things go.

For that, you need to go to Cisco FeatureNavigator.

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Looks like 12.3 is it, which is what I'd expect too.

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