Nortel 8600 commands - How do I locate a MAC?

I am new to the Nortel world and I am trying to find the port that a certain MAC is plugged into. Cisco allows you to view the FDB with show mac-address-table but I can't seem to find anything that leads me to the port. I've tried show vlan info all, show vlan fdb-entry and a couple of others with no success.

I would appreciate any advice. Thanks,

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Hi Greg

The command you need is shown below but it won't display anything if you don't tell it the correct VLAN that the MAC address is in. In the example below I've specified VLAN 1 because I know that the device with that MAC address is in that VLAN.

If you need to know what VLANs are defined on the unit use "show vlan info basic" to get a list.

If you're not sure what VLAN the device is in but you know its IP address you can use the command "show arp info ip_address" like the second example below.

Hope this helps



CORE-LAN-3:5/show/vlan/info# fdb-entry 1 mac 00:01:e6:4c:fe:f8

============================================================================ ==== Vlan Fdb

============================================================================ ==== VLAN MAC QOS SMLT ID STATUS ADDRESS INTERFACE MONITOR LEVEL REMOTE ------------------------------------------------------------------------

-------- 1 learned 00:01:e6:4c:fe:f8 Port-4/2 false 1 false

1 out of 669 entries in all fdb(s) displayed.


CORE-LAN-3:5/show/ip/arp# info

============================================================================ ==== Ip Arp

============================================================================ ==== IP_ADDRESS MAC_ADDRESS VLAN PORT TYPE TTL ------------------------------------------------------------------------

-------- 00:02:a5:ec:1e:37 29 1/40 DYNAMIC 576

1 out of 633 ARP entries displayed


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One other thing that occured to me after posting the previous reply is that the Bridge FDB timeout by default is 300 seconds, so if the device you're trying to find has not been "seen" within this time it won't appear even if it's connected.

The other thing that can be confusing is that the ARP Cache timeout is 360 minutes so a device can appear in the 8600's ARP cache long after the FDB entry for that device has disappeared from the Forwarding table.



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