Vlan management problems

My network is running 3 different vlans. Vlan 1 is management, Vlan 2 is Data, and Vlan 10 is Voice. I have 2 switches that are 4 and 5 hops from our Catalyst 3550 switches. The 3550s handle our routing at our main location. My problem is that the management addresses for vlan 1 is in the 10.1.1.x and our host addresses for vlan 2 are in the

192.168.1.x range. I cannot connect to these switches via VLAN 2 unless i configure it to have IP addresses which are in a range reserved for Servers.

Why are there 16 other switches on the network that I can reach without configuring IP on the Vlan interfaces? Is there a solution or workaround, so I don't have to on these two switches? OR, am I stuck with either living with these two using my Server IPs or moving the switches IP?

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I would check the following:


1) The switchport the client is in is not configured for Vlan 2 Interface FastEthernet 0/?? switchport access vlan 2 This would explain being able to access Vlan 1 from the switchport in question.


2) No route between the two Vlans

Since Vlans separate the Layer 2 traffic, it would require a Layer 3 router to route packets between the different Vlan subnets. Also, the 3550's come in several flavors, some are Layer 2 only and some of them perform Layer 3 routing as well as Layer 2 functions.

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