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Since I began to study for CCNA I have seen the commands (login) and (passwords) in different orders.

Sometimes I see it like this

#login #password cisco

and sometimes I see it in the opposite order

#password cisco #login

What is everyone used for.

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You may also wish to investigate Default Logins and Passwords for Networked Devices:

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Brad Reese Cisco Product Quick Reference Guides, CPQRG

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The order of configuration options generally doesn't matter. The only time order matters is when a command establishes a new context; commands that apply to the context have to appear after it. E.g.

router rip redistribute static

is not the same as

redistribute static router rip

because "redistribute" applies to the specific router context it appears within. Since "login" nor "password" both apply to the line context they appear in, all that matters is that they both appear after the "line" command, but the relative order of them doesn't matter.

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Barry Margolin

I agree with Barry.

It doesn't matter in this case the order that you put the commands in. The router will though always display them in some particular order no matter what order you use to put them in. The order may I guess vary with software versions but in general that is very unusual.

In the case of some other commands such as access-list entries the order of entry is preserved in the configuration since in that case the order does affect the behaviour.

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