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We have a Cisco 1721 router that is connected to a leased line for connecting our network to the mobile GPRS network.

Is it possible on this router to log the size of packets, by IP address, of any data that is passed over the leased line? Ideally to send info back to a server so can be logged in a database for later viewing.

All I'm interested in is logging the size of packet, and the remote IP address.



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Ewan McNab
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Sounds like you want some sort of packet accounting records. Its not going to be too easy or reliable I'm afraid with a 1721.

The only way to get the info you want is via Netflow which I've heard isn't always in IOS on a 1721, even if cisco FN says it is. After that, you'll have to setup a server to collect the flow data, and consolidate a report on what you want displayed.

It may be easier to have a sniffer box setup one steap ahead of the router to see what is going through, and logging it there.

Something like

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may be of interest. (Which can use either Netflow or sniffer records).

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