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Hi there, I have a Linksys adsl/cable BEFSX41 4 ethernet ports router and cable internet connection. How can I manage it securely remotelly coming through the internet, without password being transmitted clear text-it is for a remote location-, also how can I allow VNC to come in so I can manage the 4 computers connected to it? Thanks a lot, Calin

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Personally, I would install VNC on one PC and listen on a non-standard port. Just for sake of example 50000......forward port 50,000 on the router to the internal IP of that PC....and make sure you have authentication. From there (once you VNC to that box) you can open up a browser to and you won't be passing anything via open http, although I'm fairly certain that enabling remote admin is https. Basically youd be accessing the web interface from the inside.

the rest, or forward 4 ports on the router to the VNC apps on each server (provided they arent all configured with the same listening port).

If you truly do want external web management on the router, there is usually an option to enable this, but I would recommend changing the port and username/password to something very secure, if possible on the port side.

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