Hello, how to connect router 1603 by ISDN to internet M.

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You have to buy a VIC card with ISDN connection. It should work then.


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Adam Lomnic

A 1603 already has an ISDN interface on it? It comes out to an S/T interface vs. a U interface. Hopefully he's in the part of the world that this is what he needs.

Also, a VIC card is for doing Voice connections, which IIRC, the 1600 platform doesn't do what-so-ever, you'd need at least a 1700 for voice stuff, but doesn't need the ISDN WIC if that is what you are thinking.

The 1600 setup guide is here..

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That should be a good start. If you need more, then readup in the Cisco Technotes section for the ISDN technology.
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has way more documentation online than you could read without going bonkers.

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Doug McIntyre

Hi There,

Home user PC must Dial in automatically to ISDN line in Office and hang up after 5 minutes if there is no usage. Could any one please advise about the right configuration example ? I had few configuration expamples from cisco pages.

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let me know if i am on right track. I can see isdn activity from my end (Layer 1/2/3 all up)when call is established but i can`t ping from router to outside world.

Any advice will br highly appreciated.

Many Thanks

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