ip vpn mpls design requirements

I have not designed this before , I am looking to make a simple proposal for a manufacture company that is looking to implement IP VPN over MPLS for his/her customers (30 of them). Each customer site has got around 10 users.

Applications are to be used database and for the customers http to access their accounts at the manufacture company.

Customer right now accessing manufacture company site through ADSL connection (Internet)

1- What are the recommended requirements (router, leased line, etc,,,,) for each customer to have ?

2- If we want to implement IP VPN MPLS , do we need to replace that ADSL connection with a leased line ? or still we can used ADSL connection ? or we have to have another specific connection for IP VPN beside ADSL, (i.e. one connection is dedicated for IP VPN and the ADSL connection for accessing the internet )

3- If I am looking to use a Cisco router as Customer Edge router (CE router, because client right now does not have a Cisco router ) what type of router do I need ? what module should a router have ? what type of ISO ? or does not matter ?

4- Do I need to have any other devices beside a Cisco router ?

Note: I can find informations about the applications that are going to be used and therefore we can decide the proper bandwidth.

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