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Hi, it is about smaller telecom who is offering mostly MPLS VPN services. Network is build of 7600/7200 boxes - around 10 nodes, 20 routers, rather small network. So far telecom is using for Network management mostly opensource tools with limited usability for network management. MPLS network is still troubleshooted manually. They also have Cisco Works, used mainly for inventory. Provisioning of MPLS VPN configs is not needed since this is rather small network. They want to build stronger NMS platform for managing&monitoring MPLS backbone.

There is nice promising tool MPLS Diagnostics Expert, which can help troubleshoot mpls problems more effectively. This is part of IP Solution Center (ISC), but whole ISC is not needed here. My concern is what would be most suitable tool for:

-basic fault management

-root cause analysys

-event correlations

Those things are done very well by Netcool/Cisco Info Center. But I think this platform is too expensive and complex for this type of small ISP/Telco. Can anyone suggest some other tools/platforms for this type of tasks ? What are other small telco's using for managing their network ?

thanks, jmiklo

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You could take a look at Concord Network Health for capacity monitoring and perhaps Smarts InCharge for root cause analysis.


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Hi jmiklo,

You may wish to investigate the Cisco IOS Software - Compatible Partner Matrix by Technology:

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Brad Reese

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