Block repetitive connection from the same ip

Hi to all... Someone can explain me how to block with ios a typical attack of brute force/dictionary attack? So, allow a limited number of repetitive connections in a determined range of time, after block the requests for 'n' time...

Really thanks!

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You can't with a router, besides putting an ACL to block that IP, the subnet of the IP, or the port, or some mix of the three. You will need a firewall to do this, and actually, probably need an intrusion detection system. Firewalls will allow more specific rulesets, but only one with an included intrusion detection system (or separate one) will allow ad-hoc blocking due to 'suspicious' traffic. Even then, you will need to define the situations for these rules to be implemented. Either way, you need to move towards a security solution as generic network devices will not support this.

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Hi! Thanks for the answer! I want to to it on a cisco 1801 that has an IDS, so i think that AT LEAST ca let me do a thing like this... And, if possible do it on a 857, but on this i suppose that i not have any chance...

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