how to configure voice vlan on cisco 3500?

Hey fellas,

I'm trying to setup voice vlan on my cisco switch (3500) so that my cisco phones 7940 will use seperate vlans for voice and data.

So far ive created the voice vlan with this configuration:

interfact VLAN2 description ** voice_vlan ** ip address ip helper-address no ip directed-broadcast no ip route-cache shutdown

and the data vlan:

interface VLAN1 ip address no ip directed-broadcast no ip route-cache

I have set my phone to use vlan2 as its voice_vlan and vlan1 for data.

I have created a new scope on my dhcp server ( as

- and another scope (data) -

If i set my phone ports vlan to 1 it loads the phone fine and gets an ip of the dhcp however if i set the voice vlan to 2, the phone just gets stuck on "configuring ip" ....

am i missing anything?

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I don't think the 3500 is a layer 3 switch. I think the layer 3 interface on a 3500 is for management only, and it doesn't do routing. If it does layer

3, you need to make sure you have the "enhanced" image not the standard image.

You need to configure the layer 2 vlan using the "vlan database" command, and then configure the layer 3 interfaces on a router to route the packets.

On all your switchports you need the following command:

switchport voice vlan 2

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It depends on what model 3500 it is, 3524XL or 3548XL is only layer 2, but

3550's or 3560's are layer 3. To the OP: If it's one of the later switches you need to do a "no shut" on interface vlan 2 then add "ip helper-address". Finally as Thrill has said, "switchport voice vlan 2"


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Brian V

it seems to be the earlier switch which is a 3500XL

my ports settings are:

interface FastEthernet0/15 description **testvlan phone*** switchport trunk encapsulation dot1q switchport mode trunk switchport voice vlan 2 spanning-tree portfast

if i change it to:

interface FastEthernet0/15 description **testvlan phone*** switchport trunk encapsulation dot1q switchport mode trunk switchport voice vlan 1 spanning-tree portfast

the phone starts fine as its using the same vlan for voice and data. is there a guide i could follow to setting the vlan up from scratch or something similar?

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What are you doing your routing on? Since it is a layer 2 only switch you need a layer 3 device to configure the setting that we gave you in the previous posts. Without a layer 3 device you need to do it all on the same vlan meaning both data and voice.

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Brian V

Additionally, I don't think you need to trunk vlans to the phone. You should be able to set primary/secondary vlans, also called auxiliary on the catalyst side, and the phone should automatically use the primary vlan for itself and the second for data connections behind it. Since I've never used the smaller switches for auxiliary vlans, perhaps someone can correct me and confirm actual trunking is the way to do it on the ios switches, but something seems off to me.

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