PIX VPN w/MPLS routing

I have 4 locations all connected by a MPLS connection, each site has it's own PIX to handle firewall and VPN connections to client networks.

i am trying to setup a VPN profile for remote users to use when working remotly. the VPN connection works but our main office that i need this working for ASAP does not have a local DNS server so i setup the VPN to issue the address of the DNS server across the MPLS network (since it is pingable form the PIX ) but when connected to the VPN you can not access the network across the MPLS.

Is this an ACL on the PIX or is this a router config that needs to be changed?

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The PIX won't route packets back out the same interface they come in on. The VPN comes in your outside interface and you are trying to reach a DNS server by going back out the same interface.

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The OP does not state the version of OS he is running, the above statement is true on PIXOS 6.X and below, however starting in PIXOS 7.X this has been changed...

A note to the OP stating what version of OS you are running would be helpful....

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Chad Mahoney

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