IOS update on Cisco 5510

I need help to update my flash from ASA Version 712-k8.bin to 8.0.

-Do I need to update step by step, first 7.21, 7.22?

-What are the setp to update?

I have never done this before, if some one can give me a setp by step instructions thru the telnet session, I would really appriciate.



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Steps for upgrade are found here:

formatting link
Also make sure you backup your config before doing the upgrade. We have had command differences from 7.2 to 8 but no show stoppers. Also you should be able to hold both files on the ASA so roll back should be a breeze if needed. Make sure you update your ASDM at the same time.

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Its me Earnest T.

Ernest has already responded to your needs.

Thought I would point out that the ASA doesn't actually use IOS (uses a different OS). Although nobody was likely confused by the subject line of your post, it never hurts to be accurate.

Best Regards, News Reader

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News Reader

Besides backing up your config, make sure to BACKUP the current running image just in case ...

Cisco removes images from CCO on a regular basis - not being able to revert to the current image might ruin your whole day.

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