Incoming L2TP sessions stuck in wt-con on Cisco-7,200?

Hello, We are using Cisco 7,200-G1 as an LNS for our local carrier ADSL service termination (the carrier is using Redback for its LAC). We have about 30 tunnels to 30 different Redbacks.

After there is a communucation disruption and all users reconnect I have problem with one Redback. There are a lot of sessions stuck in wt-con state and more users cannot connect to this tunnel only. From a TCPDUMP I see that the Cisco's LNS delays its response (ICRP) to the session initiation request (ICRQ) on this tunnel, thus sessions gets hung. I suspect there is some misbehaving client which tries to generate a lot of connections (hard to debug with such large amount of data).

Anyone had such a problem and has some clew how to solve or at least workaround this problem?

Thanks! __Yehavi:

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